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Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are. — Mason Cooley

fox wallpaper

The purpose of this blog is to be an escape for lovers of literature. I have always had an overactive imagination. Sometimes, especially as a child, it was incredibly difficult for me to separate what was real and what was simply in my head. Many people grow out of the phase of “playing pretend,” but I was never really able to. While I don’t run around outside and play pretend anymore, I do spend a lot of time allowing my imagination to run wild (especially when stressed). My ultimate coping mechanisms have always been reading and writing. I imagined myself living in the worlds that I read about in books as a way to escape from the stress I experienced in my day to day life. Over time, I began to create places and characters of my own, which greatly inspired my desire to be a writer. I suppose when you spend your life inventing fantasies in your head, there comes a time when you feel like you should be writing some of them down. This blog is going to serve as a place where I discuss my favorite books, writing strategies, inspirations, struggles specific to my journey as an aspiring author, and occasionally I will share a chapter or two of my book. Mostly, I hope it is a place where people feel safe and comfortable enough to share their thoughts on anything and everything in regards to escaping life through the written word.

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